Creative mind

Success attracts foes

*It is all about you and your mind-set; not about others*

When you are a nobody; when you always comply without asking any questions; when you’re careful not to do anything that would upset people — *it’s virtually guaranteed that no one will trouble you*. *You are a dead fly*.
But when you live for an ideal; when you care too much about making a difference; when you let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams — *you have the qualities for success and your success will divide the people who see you*. Some will love you, follow you, and cheer for you. But many will envy you, criticize you, and some of them may even vow to destroy you.

So you have to choose:

*To shake things up or get crushed down.*
*To upset some or to upset yourself.*
*To be a nobody or to be remembered.*
*To be a dead fly or a threat.*

👉👉 *Success will always attract fire. Get used to it. Don’t settle for the cool breeze of defeat nor for a life of non-existence.* 👈👈

Have A blessed Week


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